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Printing scores with VoX

The selection of scores available on this website are meant to be downloaded and printed from a home computer. Most are copyrighted, and not legally reproducible. Please only print them for use while singing with Voices of Christmas.

​All scores are prepared as PDF files. When printed on ordinary 8.5" x 11" copy paper, pages are folded in half to create 5.5" x 8.5" scores.

Most have been scanned one page at a time, in the same order as the original score. Please note that these scores may need additional editing, or copy & pasting once printed, to properly fit into the VoX binder.

All scores marked with an asterisk have reordered pages, so that no additional copying or pasting is required. Once printed, they may be easily folded or cut, then hole punched, and inserted into VoX binders.

Below are printing instructions for all scores marked with an asterisk, for printers without duplexing (2-sided printing):


Step 1. - Print only Page 1. from the PDF file

Explanation: In this example, Page 1. from the PDF file includes two pages from the score - Page 6. on the left, and Page 1. on the right. After all pages have been printed, this page will be folded in half width-wise, so that Page 6. from the score is on the back side.

Step 2. - Flip newly printed Page 1. over, and print Page 2. from the PDF file on the back side of it.

Explanation: Page 2. from the score should now be printed on the back side of Page 1. from the score.

Step 3. - Print only Page 3. from the PDF file on a new sheet of paper

Explanation: After all pages have been printed, this page will be trimmed in half, and tucked into the center of the score.

Step 4. - Flip newly printed Page 3. over, and print Page 4. from the PDF file on the back side of it.

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